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Strategic Formwork entered the Australian market in 2002 with its central focus being the supply of the most efficient self climbing jumpform system which is practical and safe to operate. It is with intense pride that I reflect upon our achievements, as an employer, as a team and as a sub-contractor, supplying jumpforms for projects which embody that focus.

Our company has grown substantially in the last few years and I've enjoyed the challenges this has brought. Our stock, client base, supplier support network and employees have all increased in number with the depth of understanding between us increasing many fold. Since our inception, we have been involved in some of the most prestigious and bespoke projects in Australia, confronting engineering challenges we know others won't.

We are involved with numerous projects nationwide and our specialised teams are equipped to counter every phase of these projects. This allows us to provide clients with an individual service which strengthens our marketability and follow-on work.

Due to this growth, many of our clients have commented that I now spend less time at the coal face. Naturally, they understand that I'm heavily involved in the future business and financial planning of the company. I'm delighted at their acknowledgement and trust in my senior management team who each continue to pay the close attention to details that Strategic Formwork has always demanded.

We will continue to heavily invest at the planning and design phases producing comprehensive, project specific, detailed drawings and method statements. I believe this is an area, along with our high level of customer service, which clients greatly appreciate and influences their repeat business.

The following pages give an insight into our product, staff, valued suppliers and client base. It is a clear testimony of our accomplishments and we value your interest in our business.

Graham van der Merwe

Strategic Formwork Director

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